May 17th, 2021
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7 Things You May Not Know About Today’s Metal Roofs

You are likely considering metal roofs because they’ve now entered the mainstream. However, before you hire a commercial roof repair for your roofing project, it’s nice to explore the facts surrounding modern metallic roofs. At WeatherTite Coatings, Inc. in Central Florida, we want you to make an informed decision; hence, we have listed these seven facts you should know about these metal roofs!

Seven Facts to Know About Today’s Metal Roofs

  1. Rust-Resistance– Today’s metallic roofs are made from a high-technology mix of aluminum, zinc, and steel. For ultimate durability and aesthetic appeal, they are protected with a topcoat.
  2. Resistance To Extreme Weather– The new metallic roof design can withstand wind and rain. They stay the same during the cold of winter and the heat of summer.
  3. They Do Not Necessarily Have To Look Like Metal– While they are undoubtedly made from metal, their aesthetic appeal might make you confuse them with natural products like stone, clay, or wood.
  4. Quiet And Well-Insulated– Are you worried that your sleep will be disrupted during a storm? With modern metallic roofs, your worries are gone. Even during an overnight storm, you will still rest easy.
  5. Save You More Money– Metallic roofs are designed to save you money on utility bills. Just imagine how much you’d need to spend on AC during the summer season! But with appealing, light-colored metallic roofing, you can return the warmth to its base.
  6. Economical– This is entirely true when you realize that it has more lifespan when compared with traditional options. In fact, instead of replacing your roof every 15-20 years, you can expect a roof that will last half a century or even more.
  7. Peace Of Mind– During a fire outbreak, your metallic roofs will not get burnt. That’s a remarkable level of reassurance you can’t get from old-fashioned roofs.

Do Metallic Roofs Boost Home’s Resale Value?

Are you one of the homeowners that see metallic roofs as an expense? It’s time to rethink metal roofs! The benefits highlighted above should convince you that more than an expense, metallic roofing is an investment. Why? Many homeowners in the Eastern United States who replaced their old-fashioned roofs with metallic did recoup more than 90% of the installation expenses. By now, you do not need a soothsayer to convince you that changing your old-fashioned roofs to these modern roofs will increase your home’s resale value. And you know what that means? More money in your account when it’s time to sell!

What to Note When Buying Metallic Roofs

You shouldn’t just hit the market to purchase these modern roofs without consultations. You need a guide! That is why it is often good to speak with a qualified roofing contractor. In addition, you’d need to verify if the company selling has provisions for a warranty. In most cases, a minimum of 50 years is what you should be on the lookout for.

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