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    Does My Flattop Roofing Need Coating?

    We encourage and welcome new ways to create a product that will set each of our customers apart from each others. We constantly search for new products to meet the visions of our clients.

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  • roof leak on interior ceiling due to roof damage after a sever storm such as a hurricane or tornado orlando fl
    How to Tell if Your Roof is Leaking

    It’s pretty obvious to tell when your roof is leaking. I mean, it will leak! And you will see the water spots on the ceiling, although it could be harder…

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  • metal roof preparation prior to roof coating application orlando fl
    What is Liquid Applied Roofing?

    Liquid applied roofing or roof coating is one way to ensure your new or existing roof’s longevity. Liquid applied roofing adds an extra layer to safeguard against elements such as…

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  • weather damage at beach from wind and salty air requires constant repairs and maintenance orlando fl
    How Much Does Roof Coating Cost per Square Foot?

    Coating your roof with premium quality products is a life-long investment and something you will not regret spending your money on. It is common for roofs to get damaged, and…

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  • the roof covered with a modern flat bituminous wat orlando fl
    How Much Roof Coating Do I Need?

    If you have been thinking about coating your roof, but have questions regarding product requirements and process, we are here for you! At WeatherTite Coatings, we have been performing many roof-related…

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    When it Comes to Commercial Roof Quotes, Size Matters—But So Do a Lot of Other Things

    Starting any commercial roof coating project in Orlando, Florida, you may assume that all you’re going to worry about is the size of the roofing project. And to a certain…

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