September 13th, 2021
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How Much Does Roof Coating Cost per Square Foot?

Coating your roof with premium quality products is a life-long investment and something you will not regret spending your money on. It is common for roofs to get damaged, and to prevent a frequent occurrence of damage on your roof, we would advise you to hire a company that does work to produce long-lasting results. At Weather Tile Coatings Inc, we have some of the most experienced personnel on board and have applied some tried and tested techniques to protect your roof.

If you want to have an idea of how much your roof coating project will cost, keep reading as we reveal some essential tips and facts that will prove helpful in making your decision regarding how you should proceed.

DIY Roof Coating

A damaged roof can impose serious harm to the structure of your house and has the potential to endanger the lives of the inhabitants. While there are many roof coating and sealing products available on the market, you should not shy away from the costs that might incur during this project. While it may seem like a wise decision to buy the material and do the job on your own, you and your roof will most likely end up regretting it in the future. Hiring a professional can be costly, but it is highly effective. Therefore it is advisable to hire a professional roof coating company.

Roof Coating and Roof Sealing Cost

While it may be slightly costly, coating your roof with a premium quality product is worth it. In the short run, the cost may seem like a lot, but in the long run, you will be able to avoid frequent roof maintenance and will be able to extend your roof’s life while enhancing interior comfort at the same time. Your roof coating project’s overall cost depends on several factors and is spread out amongst these decisive factors.

The significant factors that contribute to your roof coating cost include the size of your roof, the material composition that will produce optimal results, and any other accommodations that your roofing company might have to make to complete your roof sealing project successfully. On average, a silicon bucket of roof coating solutions will cost you around $9-$10 per gallon. If you opt for polyurethane foam coating, your costs will be around $3 per sq. feet, whereas acrylic solutions can cost around $5-$6.

Achieving Optimal Results from Roof Coating Florida

Whether Orlando, Kissimmee, Winter Garden, Lake Mary, or Altamonte Springs, roof damage is prevalent everywhere, and the same techniques can be applied everywhere for optimal results. First and foremost, you need to do some research before you finalize the roof coating company you will hire for the job. The right company will be able to tailor the job according to the needs and requirements of your roof. Secondly, use premium quality products, so the repair job does not deteriorate within a short span of time, and you are back to square one.

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