August 2nd, 2021
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How Much Roof Coating Do I Need?

If you have been thinking about coating your roof, but have questions regarding product requirements and process, we are here for you! At WeatherTite Coatings, we have been performing many roof-related services for several years. Our highly-trained professionals and abundant experience make us one of the best options for your roof coating needs.

Roof coating can be a tedious job. You cannot just dive into it without knowing specific details about your roof and estimates of the required roof sealer.

Here, we have compiled some information for you to find out how much roof sealer you will require.

Roof Coating Essentials

Dimensions of Your Roof

You need to know the dimensions of your roof before you decide how many pails of roof sealer you need. Moving on, you will calculate the square footage of your roof. You can simply do this by measuring the overall length and width of your roof. Once you have these dimensions, all you have to do is multiply the values together to maintain the overall square footage of your roof.

Deciding on How Much to Buy

Once you have the dimensions noted down, you can then estimate the quantity of roof coating you may require. The most popular trick to do this is to equate every 100 square feet to a gallon of roof coating.

For instance, if the total square footage occupied of your roof is 3000 square feet, you will require 30 gallons of roof coating, and so on.

A good idea would be to sketch out the outline of your roof and include the details regarding the dimension. You can then show this sketch to your contractor, who will make a more fair and accurate estimate of the amount of roof coating needed.

If you want to calculate how many gallon pails you will require, the usual rule is that every five gallons equal one pail. So if you need 30 gallons, you will require a total of 6 buckets.

Determining How Many Coats Are Required

We do not have an exact answer for how many coats will be required for your roof. Your contractor can give you a better solution to this question.

However, the amount of coats that are needed is entirely dependent on the prevailing condition of your roof. If you and your contractor think your roof is currently in a good condition, your roof will probably only require a single coating of roof sealer. However, if your roof is in a terrible and deteriorating condition, then you will probably need more than one coating.

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