October 11th, 2021
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What is Liquid Applied Roofing?

Liquid applied roofing or roof coating is one way to ensure your new or existing roof’s longevity. Liquid applied roofing adds an extra layer to safeguard against elements such as adverse weather conditions.

The system prevents water and ice from penetrating the roofing materials and causing damage in the long run. But just like any product, there are different roof coatings, and some are better in functionality than others.

As such, rubberized versions mitigate the impact of hailstones and debris. Others can reflect the sun’s harsh rays during the summer and prevent the heat from getting absorbed into the structure. In turn, someone gets to enjoy a reduction in their energy bill. The good news is that one coating may address all these needs.

Is it applicable to all roofs? Yes! Whether your roof is flat, pitched, or doomed, we at Weathertite Coatings are experts at roof coatings, and you will undoubtedly love the results.

What Is Liquid Applied Roofing Made Of?

When it comes to the components incorporated in a roof coating, the list is almost endless. Some options are acrylic, aluminum, rubberized aluminum, asphalt, polymers, polyurethane, cement, rock, and granules.

Most roof coatings ensure durability and are elastomeric for hailstones and debris to bounce back on impact. It is because of their rubber-like nature. Since new inventions are made every day, the latest in the roofing industry is a membrane that replaces the roofing sheets or a few of the layers in BUR or modified bitumen roofing.

Liquid roof coating is used with other materials such as metal, foam, asphalt, advanced bitumen, tile, BUR, or shake.

Why Consider Liquid Roof Coating?

For starters, replacing your entire roof is more costly than simply adding a coating. Fortunately, it doesn’t require a new roof as the existing one is still good to go. Here are reasons you need to find a roof coating firm:

  1. To protect your roof from adverse weather elements that may result in roof damages.
  2. To extend the roof life by at least ten years. The average roofing system is a guarantee of roughly twenty years. With the coating added, that’s more years of service.
  3. To save money, not by a few dollars but by thousands of dollars.
  4. To make your roof leak-proof as elastomeric coatings protect the roofing structure while boosting performance.
  5. A roof coating also gifts a new appearance to the building structure.

How to Maintain Your Roof Coating

While liquid flat roof coating is a guarantee of longevity, you may even extend it further by:

  • Regular inspection to clear debris and boost performance. Since climbing ladders may not be your specialty, get professionals to do it for you.
  • Ensuring proper drainage by clearing unwanted materials like leaves that may clog and allow moisture into the structure.
  • Not exposing the coating to liquids that may contain petroleum products, grease, oils used by the air conditioner, or any other chemicals you may be unsure of.

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