Starting any commercial roof coating project in Orlando, Florida, you may assume that all you’re going to worry about is the size of the roofing project. And to a certain extent, you’d be right. When it comes to commercial roof quotes, size matters. But so do a lot of other things, as well. Don’t be unprepared for your next quote, trust WeatherTite Coatings, Inc. We’ve been repairing, replacing, and installing commercial roof coatings for almost three decades, and have the experience you need to get the job done.


Commercial Roof Sizes

Getting a quote on any Orlando commercial roof coatings will certainly include the size of the roof. The dimensions that a company will be working with is oftentimes the first thing they will look at in order to give an accurate, bare bones estimate. A roof the size of Walmart is definitely different from the roof of a Starbucks, and clearly one roof is going to be more extensive hours-wise and will be more expensive. It’s vital to have the dimensions and square footage of your commercial property and roofing so you can get a reliable quote. Having this information will be beneficial for all parties involved, and can give you a rough estimate of cost besides the other factors. There is much more to a roof than just the size, after all.


Commercial Roof Locations

In addition to size, the next biggest factor is the roof’s location. The area or region where the commercial roof is another detail that needs to be addressed. If you don’t know about the R-value requirements of your building, you’ll need it before any work can begin on your roof. The R-values will tell you how much insulation your building needs. The higher the number, the more insulation that’s required to reduce the chances of a fire. And if your number and the amount of insulation you have don’t match, that means you’ll need to add more insulation before the coating process can begin, and that equals more money in the long run.


Take the wind levels into consideration as well when thinking about your roof. In areas like Orlando, Florida, hurricanes and other severe storms can produce high winds, which may mean stricter requirements for roofing systems. Make sure you’re aware of the wind uplift requirements in your city beforehand, so you’re not caught off guard when a commercial roof technician is explaining the costs to you. If your roof is older, it’s a good idea to ensure it’s still up to code before the coating process too. Having a thorough inspection of the roof and it’s parts before the commercial roof coating begins will save you a ton in money and headaches.


Other Factors To Consider

Clearly, there’s going to be some considerations to take in when it comes to a roof’s height. The first factor that will cause the cost to vary is how many floors up the roof is. If it’s a single story but a wide structure, that’s certainly more feasible and less involved than a roof that’s higher up. But if you have the same large width and it’s three or four stories up, then there’s going to be extra costs involved, not to mention extra safety measures. The crew will need to be tied-off throughout the entire project, meaning extra time will be taken. And if the roof is high enough, a crane may be necessary to bring up supplies and materials for the project, adding costs to the overall budget. All these factors and more show the importance of knowing more than just your roof size. There are plenty of other factors that can add to your overall project time and budget, thus it’s important to be informed and prepared.


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Knowing that size matters when it comes to commercial roof quotes is one thing. But now you know that a lot of other things matter as well, and you need expert assistance to get your commercial roof coating in Orlando, Florida. Don’t search for “commercial roof coatings near me”, though, trust WeatherTite Coatings, Inc. Our expertise and cost-effective roofing services is all you need to get your roof coated and secure for years to come. Call us today to get started! 

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